Murphy1's general topic II (FreshGuppyIsTheBest)(Murphy is Better)(FreshGuppyIsAGuppy?) (sham set a potatoe on fire)



Yeah I was suspended for a month or two.

It was back in the old days (2016) and I was quite the drama starter. And a snitch.

This one girl hated me (ie reporting everything I did) and AHC we’re talking about me coming to NZ for a trip (I got to choose where) and that girl reported me and I was suspended

No one on this darn forum likes me and they didn’t back then and they were sooo mad about their precious AHC getting suspended too. I was off my account but still looking at what they said (all gossiping especially that one girl) and it really hurt my feelings.
Everyone cared about AHC getting suspended but not moi.

And there may have been another reason, but that one is so embarrassing I can’t even.


But not to say I wasn’t an immature rat

The forum just gives me a place to be a drama queen


Aww man I’m sorry :(( that’s not nice or fun

That’s not true. I like you.
You’re cool, fun to talk with, a good friend, great coder and amazing at everything. What’s there to not like? Nothing


Soooooo… I went offline for a day, and basically my notifications are set for every topic so I got 99


Exactly! Murphy your great, and lots of fun to talk to, and you are an amazing coder, you’re awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


Haha! Noice.

Haha! Nerd.

raises one eyebrow



Yeah it was pretty sad


Lol I bet you don’t even know my coding account

Tbh I dont even belong on this forum


From what I remember from 2016 you were a great coder, and I trust Fea!



I’m totally not telling you what the other thing was

:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: you won’t think that I’m as cool as I am


Everyone here is unique, and as your friend (I hope we are) your a great person, and you have matured and become much more awesome and civilized over the years you have been here!


My codes were garbage
I think my account was something like Murphy😿



No they weren’t! You’re a cool hopscotcher, don’t forget that!


Murphy you are amazing and you are not allowed to say otherwise.

End of that discussion


Yes, exactly!


The whole structure of this forum is pretty weird
when I run for President this is going to come up


I just looked at your profile and honestly you were awesome at coding and nowadays could definitely get a feature.


Yes you should be here, your awesome and you have friends here, and if you do they will be sad! You belong here, everyone is welcome!


:sunglasses: That account was too embarrassing


Yes! Good Tankt!