Murphy1's general topic II (FreshGuppyIsTheBest)(Murphy is Better)(FreshGuppyIsAGuppy?) (sham set a potatoe on fire)



Lol sorry I probably weirded you out


That’s most likely a good thing!


Lol I don’t dream a lot.


What the heck?
What was I doing

Yeah some forumers were in my dream last night too.


You were throwing banana shaped kittens, or something like that at Jojo, Starry and I!

That’s all I can remember, but I will tell you if I can think of the rest of it


Mine was:
There were British Oceanic/Indonesian people and we were at some sort of camp where there were sleeping bags in mud and I kept on thinking that one of them was you.

What did I look like in your dream?


Oh wow that’s ummmm

You had wavy brown hair that was waist length, you had blue eyes and I think freckles? You were pretty tall though


Yeah it was weird
I cant remember most of it

The only part that is right is that my hair is now the winter dark brown :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
I miss my summer hair :crazy_face:


Same! My hair goes like a chestnut brown in the summer, and in the winter it’s nearly black!


Same! Sorta. Or maybe it’s espresso brown all year lol


Lol my hair is the same all year I stay indoors


But I’m a guy and I have less hair to get sun


Let me paint you a picture of a cat throwing banana shaped kittens at a unicorn, Kawaii Batman and a girl with super long black hair.

This is what I see.


Lol that sounds odd but lol. I’m bored right now. I also want to get a haircut but my dads at work


Ahhh don’t say that your hair is like a girls


True and I have like 2 feet of it XD


Lol I know a couple people with hair like that

Ahem 6 ahem ahem youno judgement tho bother


No. But my hair was super long in 5th grade


Yes me too lol almost everyone is 13 but some people are from 8 to 16


8 year olds

Although most of my friends got Instagram in 1st grade