Murphy1's general topic II (FreshGuppyIsTheBest)(Murphy is Better)(FreshGuppyIsAGuppy?) (sham set a potatoe on fire)



Yeah ask your parents
Or just don’t tell
That always works
I didn’t tell my parents about the iPad and they will never figure it out
Would you have the guts to ask her?
Would anyone else ask her?


That was a while ago. I regret.

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Say you are going to a friends house
I think you should have the guts to do it.
That was kind of stupid. What did she say back?
Also, (on an unrelated note) are you typing on a computer?


Ugh Murphy’s 2 away from 10k



If my parents let me go to the formal, I think I can get away with taking the girl I like as my date somehow.


No, I didn’t notice a different speed in typing I just wanted to know about the commands on your keyboard

Yeah I think you could get away with it too.


Commands for what?


Never mind.

Do you have any pets?


No, I don’t. We’re too busy and the pet would be neglected.


What type of pet would you have if you could have one?


A dog or a cat. I think I could make friends with a dog or cat more so than any other type of pet.

Maybe a rabbit?


Yee a rabbit!!
I volunteer every weekend at a bunny house.

Today I lost my dog. I forgot to let my 17 year old dog into the house and he ran away. Maybe whole family is mad at me, even though we found him.



17 years old… in dog years?

You got him back so I don’t see the problem.


17 years… in human years


Oh geez someone is messaging me about how they killed someone
I can’t even


Wow that’s a pretty long time for a dog I think.


Halfway home and I am an icicle


Perdon, pero esto es importante… esto es divertido


We have a dance tonight and idk if I should go


I find it hilarious and yet somewhat endearing that you chose to tag me for this issue.

I think you should go. Just hang out there with some of your friends.