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I don’t understand how you’re capable of doing these things sometimes.

Tell me, what happened?


Oh my gosh
How far away would it be?
Your parents wouldn’t let you go?
Your parents won’t let you have a girlfriend??
I don’t think your crush will lose interest in you.


Well, I went into homeroom.
Dropped my iPad LESS THAN 2 feet
And I was reading and I opened my iPad to put something in a document and wow was my iPad shattered.
I’ve never seen an iPad that bad. The whole screen was bashed in like someone took a hammer to it.




I thought I was dreaming lolololol


Bright Side:

new iPaaaadddddddddd!! :))


My parents try and get me to go to the school organized ones.


loaner iPad
:tired_face: it is really bad



Okay that’s a little bad.


Wow those things are delicate.
I’m guessing it landed on its corner,
Oof sounds like loaner iPads stink


Ahh and my keyboard got replaced with this skin feeling one

This day
I had to be stuck with my smelly standpartner in a closet too
A small closet


We don’t really have a protective case for it and that’s the problem
Yeah it landed on the corner
The glass was coming off :joy:


You need to get one of two things.

  1. A grippy case that’ll make it stick to your hands more.

  2. New hands.


No replacing the case!!
But yeah I need new hands


You should get one. They do wonders, especially if they have strong corners.


Oh oof, that happened to our first iPad.
You should really get a protective case.
this one works goood


My friend broke hers yesterday
And another kid broke his today because he tripped over his cat.


OH my gosh
That was the case on our iPads that were replaced


Yes cats do that.
They could walk beside you but they choose to go in your path


As soon as I find out the date, I’m going to ask my parents if I can go.

I might take her as a date to the formal and just not say anything.

But that’s bad.