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I need a new name


I’m so confused.

If Mallory isn’t your name then why do you need a new one?


I just need a new one.
How was aquaman?


Aquaman was visually stunning.

and I’m not just talking about the cinematography. Amber Heard was in it and she’s visually stunning :P

I think the real downfall of the movie was dialogue. Almost all the time the characters spoke it was to explain something or establish something for later in the movie.

The jokes were hit or miss but I did laugh a few times.

The action scenes were amazing. There was one in Italy where the camera movements and the way it was shot and the environments were so creative and fun and beautiful.

I give it a 7.5/10.

Very good. Not as good as Wonder Woman. Not as bad as Justice League.

DC is on their way to being good again.


2.5 taken off because of the dialogue?


I’m not a superhero nerd, but your standards are quite high.


Not just the dialogue, there are just a few parts of the story that I feel like if they were directed better could have been covered quicker or explained more clearly and easily. There were a lot of moments where I sat there and thought, okay, we get it now, stop going back in time, continue the story.


I’m a little bit of a superhero nerd and I am a huge movie nerd.

I like to pay attention to the small details that a director or a writer puts into his/her stories to make it better.


Whenever I watch the film, I overanalyse every scene and line. It is helpful when I watch something complex like The Godfather. Otherwise, a bad habit.


You’re an active viewer. And that’s exactly right, being an active viewer is the best when the movie rewards you for paying attention.


Superhero movies are so bad. They have too much action and the idea is kind of stupid to me.

Do you watch YouTube?


They aren’t all bad.

Spider-Man movies are usually good because Spider-Man himself is a human struggling with human things. The superhero part is in a way a representation of his struggles.

The Dark Knight trilogy doesn’t even play like a superhero trilogy except for elements from the third one.

But yes, there are the bad ones that just cram in as many explosions as possible.

What’s YouTube?

just kidding, of course I do


I’m dying of happiness right now :0000000000000000000000000000000




Okey, okey, okey okey.

So basically, two girls in my grade (they’re completely unrelated to any stories I’ve told before) made an Instagram account for a Year 10 formal they’re planning at the end of this year.

I was completely unaware that it existed, until yesterday when I was messaging in the group chat. I was talking to Girl B (who I thought liked me and who ended up liking my friend and now we help each other since we’re both friends with each other’s crushes) about a story I was writing until Girl A (my crush) says this:

“Joseph, follow the Year 10 formal page on Instagram.”

So I told her, “Okay I did.”

And she said, “Good.”

So then, I asked what the rules were for the formal. I wanted details.

Girl B ended up responding and she said that she wasn’t sure but that they’d probably post dates and details to the Instagram page.

Then Girl A says, “You can bring dates.”

Then she added, “And yeah.”

Because if you’ve got nothing to add you just say “And yeah.” Like a boss.

Did Girl B who has zero confidence says, “Yayaya. Just kidding, I won’t have a date.”

I then responded, “I’ll have a date.”

Then waited a little and wrote, “I’ll take a whole calendar with me. Girl B, you can share with me.”

Then Girl A said, “No, she can take [my friend’s name]. This is a good opportunity to text him and tell him about the formal.”

And the two of us teamed up to encourage her to do it and she did.

Now this is a stretch, but I was super happy because she decided to tell me about the formal and also because I got to talk to her, even if we were both directing our messages towards Girl B. But it was a conversation that Girl A started.



Yeah, I’m glad that you talked to her! It’s also great that Girl B has someone to go with now.

Are you taking your crush to the formal?


No he isn’t necessarily going with him. It’s at the end of the year and she only told him that it was happening.

I don’t know if I’ll be taking her with me. I don’t know if I’ll be going to begin with.

We’ll just have to see how this next year turns out.



Anyway, you have to go to the formal. It’s a bit hypocritical of me to say that but it’s fine.


Ugh I shattered my school iPad today
I’m such a rebel lol


There are issues.

  1. It’s not school organised so no one has any idea what’s going on.

  2. My friends have stricter parents than me so they might not go at all.

  3. If I don’t have any close friends going, my parents may not see any reason for me to go myself.

  4. I’m not sure if my crush will even want to go with me as a date.

  5. Even if we both wanted it I’m not sure if my parents would approve of me having a date despite not being allowed to have a girlfriend.

  6. Once again, it won’t be until the end of the year as far as I can tell so I have 11 months before I work out what’s going on anyway. She may lose interest in me.