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This break I have:

Been on a 17-day cruise around Oceania
Helped out at my parents’ lawfirm
Made my room tidier
Worked out
Spent time with my family and extended family
Spent a lot of time doing nothing
I’m going to watch Aquaman tonight


to confirm- the cruise just went around Australia and New Zealand?

Your parents have a law firm? That’s so cool!!! My mom is a lawyer as well.

Aquaman… not my thing lol



Sydney -> Eden, NSW -> Burnie, Tasmania -> Melbourne, Victoria -> a bunch of places in New Zealand -> Sydney.

Your mum is one of Earth’s greatest heroes then. I hope to one day be a lawyer or a doctor. We’ll just have to see what I enjoy most :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my cousins said she enjoyed it so much that she watched it three times.

I guess I’m going to find out how good it really is tonight.


Tasmania!! I never heard about that one.
Doctor- what type of doctor would you want to be? I want to be a dermatologist.

3 times! I bet its not that good.


Woah. A cancer getterridderer. Cool!




  1. one who removes things.

“My silly friend is a socialising getterridderer”

I still haven’t even decided if I WANT to be a doctor yet.

If I do become a doctor, I’ll be either a paediatrician and look after children or I’ll be a brain or heart surgeon.

Those all sound like cool jobs to have.

“Hey Joseph, what are your greatest achievements in life?”

“Starting a family, coming first in the world in a Teletubbies quiz I took and saving children’s lives as a paediatrician/people’s lives as a brain/heart surgeon.”


More or less, I just want my job to be about helping people as directly as I can. Whether that’s by improving people’s lives as a lawyer and making sure the world is fair or by improving people’s lives as a doctor by making sure that they or their children are alive and well.


Well… helping people’s skin: dermatologist
I want to help outside appearance of the body
Ooo brain and heart surgeon
It sounds a bit gross to me but idk

You know all of the teletubbies names? I didn’t even ever watch that show.


I feeeel realllly crazy
Calm down mallory calm downwnnwnwnnwnwnnwnwnwjekekejkeke

I need cake




I will make some tomorrow


Asoaljsnd,ska,smsmsmsmsmsms mmmmmmmm caaakkkkeeeee iamacakemonstercakecakeckaecakeeeeeeeeeineedcake


If you could have any dessert right now, what would it be?


We have a 3 1/2 day wochenende!!!


Chocolate Cake
Without the icing
Just the cake part
Ooh we do have little bites I could just sneak downstairs and grab some


You’re so lucky


I thought they did both. Skin and cancer.

Yeah it sounds gross but I think I’ll manage.

I never watched the show but I memorised their names :stuck_out_tongue:

Tinky Winky


I hate icing. Yuck
The cake part is good


I think dermatologists just do skin and check/treat skin cancer


Semi lucky


Oh yes the icing is bad
Cake is guuuuuuddd


Okay now you’re making me hungry