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The Australia trip:
Strange thing happened today, my mom said we can go for our winter break (not the next Christmas, but the next)
I was happy- but that’s much too far away. I will be too old then :older_woman:


No I do other things too. Sit-ups is just what I enjoy the most. I’m surprisingly good at them.

We have to stay in contact for the next two years. I’ll have my license by then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I absolutely hate sit-ups. I had to do 100 of them today.
In addition to the
-60 Lunges
-50 Pushups
-10 minutes cardio
-2 minute plank
-2 minute battle ropes
-100 jumping jacks

Do you see what pain I go through :stuck_out_tongue:

That is scary.


I didn’t realise painful your life is. You poor tortured soul.


Oh yes you are very tortured
Wait what are battle ropes


I know
Gym class is pure torture :stuck_out_tongue:
Especially for the losers like me


You’re not a loser


Battle ropes…
The most terrible thing to ever exist
They are these heavy ropes that build up your arm muscles


That is total tortureeeeeeee
Tell me there’s no gym required in middle school


I hate to break it to you…
But in my school it’s everyday!!!
The torture never stops




It’s really bad!!
I mean… there are some good parts…


How much of art class is talking about art?


Our art teacher is terrible
She only talks and then makes you do homework and gives you all bad grades (aka 2s=D)


On the first day of 7th grade, I came home and just cried lol


Wait there’s homework for art seriously?!


There is for us.
I’m not taking it this year so happy


School is Misery is pretty bad
Goood thing I switched out of economics :persevere:


I’m not sure we should lie to her this blantantly.

@Murphy1 you’re… most certainly not a winner.

But we love you anyway.

crisis averted


Yes, we wouldn’t want to lie.
What have you done over the break?