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She likes you back, and it’s pretty obvious to tell because

  1. You are doing some sort of fiancé thing with her, and when that happens at my school, people are never doing it with the ugly weird folks.
  2. Also, she wouldn’t post about it on social media if she didn’t like you. (Reference to 1) You don’t tell a lot of people that you are messing around with weird people.
  3. Um who wouldn’t like you

But then on a different note, she might not like you back.

  1. She thinks it’s just pretend.
  2. 1 mostly happens because they think that you are gay. Just a warning.

What you should and shouldn’t do

  1. Kind of show her that you like her a little more… idk how to explain it
  2. DO NOT be like this one kid in my class who harasses the girl he likes into walking with him in the hallways. No one likes those strange people who come on too strong.

Overall, there are not many ways that you can ruin it, because you guys are almost married :stuck_out_tongue: and you guys are flirting all the time.

I’m sorry this was extremely unhelpful- this is how it is in my school at least.
Pardon any spelling or grammar mistakes


Next time I have to say
“Je M’appelle _____”
(My name is _____)
I’m going to literally die


I would never take time out of my day to track someone down

There is no point at all


Too much effort, you’re right.


Aww haha

She knows I’m not gay. I make a lot of gay jokes with my friends (where we compliment each other, we don’t make fun of gay people) but she knows that they are jokes.

But when I asked when we were planning the wedding she said she didn’t want to get married!

Anyway, I hope you’re right. Thanks for that.

You have given me a boost of confidence that I hope carries into next year.


What are you hoping to accomplish by saying that?

Certain death by me?


When did she say that she didn’t want to get married?


The day after the awards night (when she made the post on the group chat about her sitting behind me, her “fiancé”.)

I sent a message on the chat asking when we were planning the wedding and she said she wasn’t ready to.

We haven’t spoken since then except for when I was on the cruise, I managed to get internet for a short while and I wished her a Merry Christmas.

She responded “Aww thanks, you too.”


I want an excuse to message her during the holidays but I don’t know what to say and I’m worried she’ll give me a cold response. She’s more flirtatious with me in person than over text.

I think I’ll wait until school starts again in February but I’m happy for advice.

My strategy is to act dumb and play along until an opportunity to say or do something comes up.

Is it bad that I can’t wait until I go back to school just so I can see a girl?


I don’t think so
that was the main reason I wanted to go to a basketball game last week
Well that and the Blooming Onion
Because blooming onion


No. It’s not bad. Just a little weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Has she ever given you a cold response?



today I lost my earring and I forgot my glasses

smooth moves


Once but it turned out she was at a wedding.

So I guess not.

(Don’t worry, she wasn’t the bride at the wedding)


Great job.

You are simply a genius.


What did she say with the cold response?

Anyhow, I wouldn’t worry too much about it because from what I’ve heard, she likes you back.


I’m nearsighted and I barely ever wear my glasses, but I needed them and I thought that I left them in gym. I went down to gym (not in my class period) and the teacher said “change out quick! You are late”
I went in and my gym locker row was really full so I had to crouch in someone’s (a person who is not in my grades) crotch.

And I didn’t even find my glasses


She just sent very one note, quick messages to me.

But that makes sense because - the wedding she was at.


That’s terrible.

Any other places you think the glasses could be?


I found both my earring and my glasses by some sort of miracle!

I sat on my earring
And my glasses I found underneath a coat.