Murphy1's general topic II (FreshGuppyIsTheBest)(Murphy is Better)(FreshGuppyIsAGuppy?) (sham set a potatoe on fire)



Btw the go away post didn’t work lol
Ok going now
Scold me if I wind up on here again :stuck_out_tongue:



Sleep now. Don’t answer. Tell me tomorrow.


The person everyone likes


Not everyone likes me.

But thank you so much, that genuinely means a lot to me :slight_smile:


Okay Jojo your post still didn’t work but the fact that my device only has 5% and the other fact that I’m too lazy to grab a wire that’s in a box three feet away will



I hereby scold you for not leaving yet.


Okay good, let’s waste away that 5% now.

I care about your sleeping time.


Fine :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t go to sleep so I was unfollowing people but now I can’t so hi


Unfollowing people on Instagram?




I’m not one of them, I hope.


You aren’t.


I’m debating whether or not to make a personal account


I think you should.

Make it private so that only people you allow can see it.

Post photos everytime you go somewhere fun or do something fun.


Was yours private?
Idk I wouldn’t have any followers


Mine was private, yeah.

I’ve decided that odds are you aren’t someone who will endanger me in any way after seeing a photo of me so it’s fine.

I’m sure heaps of people will follow you.


Who knows
Maybe I’m using that photo
To track you down


Let’s hope that I’m right then.

Plus, those photos are from locations I haven’t and don’t plan on living in.


Can you post your novel now please?