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19th December.


Yo i seem to have arrived here after two years oops


I honestly have no clue of how your school breaks work


I shall explain.

[School year starts:

[10 weeks of school

2 weeks holidays] x 3

[10 weeks of school

6 weeks holidays] x 1


I’m in the Eastern division.

At my school, Tuesday and Wednesday (29th and 30th of January) will be staff development days.

Thursday (31st of January) will be the first day for Year (Grade) 7 students.

And Friday (1st or February) will be the rest of the school’s first day back. I’ll be starting Year (Grade) 10.

In Australia, we have Primary school and Secondary (High) school.

Primary is from Kindergarten to Year 6 (K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

High school is from Year 7 to Year 12 (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

That is why Year 7 start a day before everyone else. They’ll be the smallest ones and they need an opportunity to find their way around the school before the big kids start filling the hallways.


We have short breaks
(Quarter of school- long weekend break, then quarter of school- 2 weeks off, then another quarter- one week off, and finally the last one- 3 months off)

It’s weird that you start a new school year in February


It’s weird that you get 3 months straight of holidays.

I couldn’t go that long without seeing my friends.

Obviously I’d be able to visit them if I wanted to or we could hang out but that’s usually really hard to plan for us.

There’s also a certain person who I’m dying to see again because I’m so confused as to where we last left off…


I think I know who you’re talking aboutand idk when Murphy1 was going to post her novel so irdk


Noooooo you doooooonnnn’tt :stuck_out_tongue:

why must i be so emotionally confused?



Story time please.


I’ve read it so you can delete whenever.

I would give you advice, but I’m honestly very clueless myself.



I used Wikihow when I was 11 yrs old.

It’s useless. Don’t listen to everything that’s on there.

And don’t use those “does he like me” surveys.

The info that those things give you are based on a million assumptions and give you obvious information.

I have so many friends who have used both.


I think I have advice but I have one question.

What’s your goal? How do you want for your relationship to change?


don’t even get me started


Summarise it.

Give me your novel in brief.

Save it to notes before posting it tho.


Yes filter is very stupid


That’s what I should have done last time
I’m an idiot

btw I probably won’t be able to post it soon because it’s 10 and it’s a school night

and I really want to read tonight


How do you have a crush when your homeschooled?


Mkay that was semi offensive



Well my brother’s on the town soccer team and we became friends with one of the families
It wasn’t offensive lol