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New Zealand :star_struck:
How is it?
Where in New Zealand are you?


Wow that sounds weird


Also, about the Australia trip.

My mom said that she doesn’t want to go that far but she may consider the Galápagos Islands

Or a few other places in Europe


:joy: it doesn’t fit him
I don’t know why my friends cant get this right


It fits him
It’s supposed to look like that I think

How long did it take to get that on him lol?


The back is much too small

It took a looooong time
Murphy was so distressed he just let us put it on him


Lol but he looks cute in it


I was in Akaroa yesterday and I’m in Wellington today!

Everything is closed in Wellington.

And guess what I found in Akaroa?


Murphy does love seafood :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re covering both the North Island and the South Island!

Is it very different from Australia?


Honestly, not too different.

There’s heaps of free Wi-Fi everywhere but to be fair I normally just use my data in Sydney.

It doesn’t matter where you go in New Zealand, everything here is beautiful. The landscape is amazing.


Whoa, that is beautiful


And you can’t use your data in New Zealand?

Oh my gosh that is so beautiful
I need to go to New Zealand


Nope, data from AU doesn’t work in NZ.

New Zealand is spectacular.

Bank of New Zealand has the best free Wi-Fi.


When are you going back home?


Our last stop is today, the 2nd of January in Auckland.

It’s a 2 day sail from Auckland you Sydney so we’ll be back on the 5th.


Wow the cruise actually took a pretty long time.


Yeah, it was 17 days but I have returned!

The king is back.


17 days!!
Meanwhile we are back at school since Thursday. Wkkwkwjejurueiwiiwiwiwiuwuw


Rest In Peace America.

I don’t go back to school until the first of February.


When did you get off from school?