Murphy1's general topic II (FreshGuppyIsTheBest)(Murphy is Better)(FreshGuppyIsAGuppy?) (sham set a potatoe on fire)




I guess it all depends on what part of the States you live in (what countrys you travel to)


26 hours until my solo
I’m sure I will do fine


Exactly right. You will do amazing


Oh no
I wanted a break and then this stupid geography bee is happening

My mom said I had to do it if I made it
And I did (mostly from the questions about Australia @jojo :joy:)

Am so mad owiejwjwkkekdkekkejejekekkekejebqhjwkwjejejrjehejwjjwjejejejjejwhwhqkwppeoekw
Know nothing about South America or Africa

Shehnwjwjwjwjjwhwhwjwjwkekkekwkjwjwkwkwkkekekwkw jjekdjwjsjs
Have to embarrass myself again

Why can’t people in my class know where Adelaide is
Or what country produces the most wool


Well, take a break after it?


@jojo what is your opinion on Fortnite?


Oh my gosh
I should ask for the sheet music to Dimitry Shostakovichs Impromptu for Viola and Piano

Best song ever 10/10
Listen to the one by Paul Neubauer


Australia is da best country.

That’s all I have to say about this.



I hate it so much because my brother is addicted to it and I never get to spend time with him anymore because of it.

I do have to commend its ability to get kids to purchase its “battle pass” by discriminating against those who don’t.

I think it’s a good game to play with friends because it encourages teamwork. Their cross-platform system is very good. I can play with my PlayStation friends from my laptop.

It’s a mixed bag of opinions from me.

The game itself?



Almost solo time
I’m going to pee in my pants
Or faint


Yeah, my brother is addicted to it as well.
He has spent so much money on all of those accessories and the battle pass.


How did you go?

The Fortnite community makes anyone who doesn’t have a paid skin feel left out or different.

My brother calls me a “noob skin” as an insult, even when he isn’t playing Fortnite.

We could be eating dinner and that would be his best insult.

My brother and I actually get along really well. Fortnite is a massive issue though.


My solo went ok. I messed up on the slow parts and did fine on the fast parts. I’m kind of sad but it’s fine I guess.

Anyway, my brother does the exact same thing! I actually did play Fortnite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and my brother kept on calling me a noob and a default skin. I don’t think that he gets that you don’t have to buy things to be good at Fortnite. It’s weird how he picks up these things from watching those YouTube videos about Fortnite.

How old is your brother?


My brother is 11. He turns 12 in March.

How about yours?

If you’re up to it, we could try playing Fortnite together sometime. As I said, the game itself is very meh, but the multiplayer options guarantee that it’ll work.


My brother is 10, he turns 11 in February.

Yes, I am up to a Fortnite game :joy:
A warning though— I’m not that good at Fortnite.



We will be on par with one another.


My username is Pusheen191

Don’t even ask about the pusheen part.

We will have to plan a time where we can both play…?


I need to switch this from treble to alto
I wonder how high it is


I can read the notes and stuff but what does “pomo rit” mean?

Yes, would have to decide on a time that works for both of us.

It’s currently 3:40pm for me. I can try to be on around 8pm my time. When is that for you?


talks about the pusheen part