Murphy1's general topic II (FreshGuppyIsTheBest)(Murphy is Better)(FreshGuppyIsAGuppy?) (sham set a potatoe on fire)



No, not you :joy:
You are the smart one, so you aren’t a disappointment.


Me? I’m sorry I’m not smart.
You’re the smart epic one

I’d love to stay and talk but I gotta go… cya tomorrow. Lemme know how it goes. I bet you’ll do great :))


You are definitely the smart one.
I have to go as well.


I like that you want to be independent and not have to be reliant on someone else for everything.

Still, you don’t have to stress yourself so much.

When I said to take a break, I didn’t mean not to play viola, or study AT ALL, I just meant to be a little less extreme and to lessen your load.

I hope you know what I mean, it’s hard to understand someone’s tone when they’re talking to you through text and it is also hard to understand what someone’s going through when you can’t experience it for yourself.

I wish you good luck in everything and only hope for the best for you.


Test tomorrow: SSAT
I want to go to private school so bad.


I believe in you!

I’m sure you’ll do great :slight_smile:


You have school on Saturdays?


You know the SATs right?


My SAT went well, so hopefully this one will go as well.


This topic is literally just a place where I stress to random people



I thought the SSAT was for younger grades than the SAT, though.


So I took the SAT, because I want to get into Duke TIP and that’s one of the requirements. My SAT went really well, and I could take accelerated courses and go to good college at 15. Right now—I could go to a state university :smirk:

I’m taking the SSATs (my grade level) because I want to go to private school.


Come on @Murphy1. Am I seriously just a random person still?


Show off.


:stuck_out_tongue: you bet


Kind of. You are mostly still a random person.


Yeah, alright. That’s true.


Do you play bass in a group?
Do you take lessons?

Sorry, I was just thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah I play solo.

I mostly just wing it since my music theory isn’t that bad, but I do take some online courses. Especially when I was just starting off.

Yeah nah don’t worry bout it. No need to apologize it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

How did your thing go tho? I bet you did great




This summarizes my life

Why in the world do people in my grade still want beanie boos?!

And who can’t spell squishys