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Nice my friend plays viola but is strating violin


Viola is much better


Poco ritardando
Means a “little slower”

8pm your time would be 3am our time (I believe)
Which means we would have to play on the weekend.


ting! ting! I can hear a piano. It’s playing:


Yeah, that definitely won’t work.

How about we find a time that’s a little better for both of us.


So, it would have to be one of us playing at night and one playing in the morning. On the weekend, so you on Sunday and me on Saturday.
Morning or night?


My preference is night.

What time tomorrow morning can you be on at the earliest?


I’m sorry, I completely screwed up.
The time zones are so incompatible that I would need to be on at night, and you would need to be on in the morning.

We have a 17 hour difference, which means that at the time I’m writing this, it is around 3 for you. It is 10 for me.

Could you be on tomorrow at 9, your time?
What other morning times work?


I can do 9 next Saturday.

I have church tomorrow.

I’ll let you know if something comes up and we don’t have church.


When does church end?
I could easily adjust my time.


please help the forum entered iphone mode on my laptop and i can’t figure out how to get it to go back to normal


Church finishes at 11am and then we have stuff on afterwards.

I’m going on a cruise on the 20th this month so I actually can’t do next Saturday either.

I think we’ll find a better time when I get back from the cruise.


You have to take pictures of New Zealand for me


Same that must be so cool…


@Jojo do you like school?



And I have a number of reasons so don’t think I’m a nerd.


… reasons please

  • My friends are there

  • I’m an intellectual so I complete my work early so my friend and I spend most of our classes watching movies on my iPad.

  • I can ask teachers questions and it’s their responsibility to research it for me. I get answers to things easier.

  • The girl I like goes there

  • I have her in most of my classes

  • I hope that I still have her next year

  • I always have something to do while I’m at school

  • I have IST as one of my classes which is basically a period where we play games

  • I chose Drama as one of my classes which seems like I negative but the girl I like is in that class too and I get all the gossip there.

Most of this comes down to my crush and school being easy.


I take it you don’t like school, then?

Yes… and I have absolutely no idea where my friendship with her is at… she’s so confusing to me.

Maybe if I gave you some details you could give me an outsider’s perspective?

Yeah, Drama is… ughhhhhhhhhhh. But what it means is:

I have to spend 2-3 hours in an enclosed space with the girl I like every week

I have reasons to enjoy it.


I highly doubt it’s because you’re ugly.

I’m ugly and girls still talk to me. I definitely think it’s the frown. Try smiling at your crush. It’s effective, trust me.