Murphy game show!


Credit to @Snoopy for this idea.

It's like a game show. Whoever knows me really well is sure to ace this.
You win a point for each questions answered right. The questions are about me.

This is a example:
Me: what is my favorite color?
Person 1: blue!
Person 2: red!
Me: person 2 wins a point. You are correct.


Okey! :D

Why did this comment get two likes all I said was okey XD


Okey! :D


Okey! :D lets start a chain


Sounds fun!

Just so I could break the chain. XD



When's the first Q?


You are evil.




First one:
What is my favorite animal?


An animal.


House cat!


Your cat named Murphy


Come on!
It lives in the ocean



Are we allowed to guess twice? XD


Your favorite animal is magikarp and your favorite pokemon is a fish
not backwards


Idk -_______________•


One point for you!
@Intellection74 can we talk now?

Sure! :)

Ummm @Intellection74

What's the problem? D: @Murphy1


Oh I thought that would be incorrect. XD


Next one!
What is my favorite color XD?