Multitasking works well with the Hopscotch Forum!



I just wanted to say this out loud, but Hopscotch + forum = lots of bugs fixed, especially in multitasking, because Hopscotch and Safari (obviously) work together! See? :smiley:


Is that photoshopped or modified or did you really for real did that? Plus, HOW do you do that if it's possible?


I used Aviary photo editor. People are also using Skitch. :slightly_smiling:πŸ™ƒ:slightly_smiling:πŸ™ƒ


With the new ios update you can swipe to the left and have two apps open at once!


Woa 2015


I don't care about my old self. However...

Woah, you used a blush emoji. :0


the topic acually isnt that cringy

just the emoji


a windows phone??



pls no


Alright, I'll stop if you stop. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried this one time... ONE TIME! in a nutshell, if Hopscotch were to ever be compatible with multitasking, stuff like 'Set Position X (Scale X (75)%) Y (Scale Y (75)%)' for example, would need to be implemented into Hopscotch. Scale would multiply the absolute workspace Width or Height by the percent.


Scale X and Y would be an absolutely amazing feature to have in HS. Agreed. ^^


yes, yes indeed. although you could just get another screen (like a computer) as your 'safari'.


Having the feature itself inside of Hopscotch would be amazing, too. ^^


@Rawrbear remember this ?????
(Photo bo,b I remember @Fifithefunnyflower


Yeah, I saw this topic! Wow, I remember that profile picture. :o


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woah a tag you’re famous dude xD