Multiple Workspaces


It would be nice if you had multiple workspaces for big projects (like a workspace called Menu, and a workspace called Level One, etc.) Then there can be a new block called switch active view to (workspace name here). Like for projects with lots of Jeepers or Banyans. Or just generally big projects.


I have another coding app called tynker and it has that:

It's very useful and keeps things organized
Hopscotch please consider this is a future update


I do too, but I prefer hopscotch. I have a PC running Scratch, and that is too similar to Tynker. It would be nice to have that in Hopscotch too.


Yes it would and tynker is so babyish it looks like a baby app
I hope the hopscotch team puts this feature in the app sometime


Multiple workspaces would be cool on its own, whether anything else had them or not. But... my guess would be that it's outside of the plan for Hopscotch. Maybe. Maybe not. I would be glad if we could just copy and paste from one project to another.

Concerning how things look, you know, @Gabe_N, one of the things I like about all of these programing tools is that they seem kind of simple and maybe even too simple to do much with at first... but that we actually can make some pretty neat things happen with them, if we think. Agree? It's like magic... but the tool isn't what does the magic - we do. I like that. :sunglasses:


I agree with @oio. It's all about the functionality, even if it looks childish. Some people probably say Hopscotch is babyish, but we love it.

If you had a childish-looking game had a ton of possibilities compared to a very professional-looking app that can only do two things, I know what I'd use.

Back on topic, multiple workspaces would help, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary. Maybe layers? Combining both? I couldn't think of that'd many things to organize with that, but I've also never made HUGE projects, so it's your opinion :wink:


Thanks @oio
And you can Control a drone with tynker


Hopscotch tries to make code simpler and easier for you! All you have to do is drag out blocks and do whatever project you want to do! We could have some new blocks but I think that there may be secret hacks for blocks we want. All you have to do is try!


This sounds like an interesting feature @EmojiSoftware! I'm not sure exactly what workspaces are. Is it like having different "areas" for coding different parts of a project?

And I like the simplicity of the Hopscotch interface, it makes Hopscotch easy to pick up and code ideas straight away :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch, Workspaces are like places where you can store different entities, making your projects more compact.


Oh okay that would be very useful for having your projects more organised :smiley: