Multiple Collabs About The Same Thing / Why They Are Good


I bet you some people disagree. What good can a bunch of the same projects do?
1. Different people can show off their skills in new ways.
2 If the collabs are based off the same thing, they may be portrayed in different, better ways.
3. More people get a chance to help out the community!
These are just my thoughts... Agree? Agree to disagree?


I agree! I think it's cool to see what different groups of people end up with even if they planned the same thing. And, like you said, it gives more people a chance to help the community and use their skills.


I agree with your reasons! They are very supportive!




I'm gonna go draw :smiley:


Ok, bye!<mhgfthjfhgjfkuguyuif


*> Gotta close it :wink:

I agree btw


I very much agree because the same thing can be portrayed very differently