Multiple bugs in my game

Project link:

What is happening in the project, and what do you want to happen instead? There are multiple bugs.

  • In Level 11, the mine is appearing in impossible parts of the level making the level impossible to beat
  • When leaving and entering the skins section, the colors glitch.

sorry but the link doesn’t work

did you set it to appear in a random position, or is it set to appear in a specific time where the level is doable?

It’s supposed to work?? There are no swear words in the project

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im not sure, do you use advanced mode or images in the project? if so, then it will be filtered for a bit.

I don’t have premium

oh, then idk why it’d be filtered.


No, i simply use hitboxes so that if an object touches a hitbox the object resets

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i understand that lol, i was asking about how you set the position of the “mine”

How i set the position is like this:
A number is randomly generated
Based on the number the mine will switch sides
Like 1 for up, 0 for down

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When I tap the link it takes me to hopscotch but opens nothing.

Weird, when i checked awesome e’s website it says it’s not filtered

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that probably explains why its not in a good position for the level. if you set it to appear in a specific position where the level is doable, that would fix your problem /lh

Here’s the remixed project

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This it was it says when I use the explorer

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Nice game idea btw

Thanks, anyways how do i fix the game?

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I just changed the wait time for the mine thing to 0.5 – 5 seconds and it worked better, but I’m not sure if that’s what you wanted to fix


This is what he wants to fix