Multiplayer in Hopscotch - How it would work



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I know but player variable is representing an emoji

Local player = :grin:

If :arrow_right:️ is tapped
| move right —>


Yeah, but only what character moves changes per player. So you could easily just use :grinning: Position instead of Player position


So then some thing like des?

Player1 = :grin:
Player2 = :grinning:

Player1’s game/code(Idk)
Repeat forever
Set position Player1 x,y
Player2’s game/code(Idk)
Repeat forever
Set position Player2 x,y


What? Idk just do whatever you want


Guys, what Mr.Rex said is that it will be one project that multiple people are playing. You would code it like a regular project, except that it would work with multiple people.

There’s would be no Variables specific to each player.


Oh okay . . . . …


This is a really great explanation of how it could possibly work! I also thought that a “user ping” variable which would show the user’s connection to the server, so you could implement things like displaying the user’s server connection and if it is too slow, display a warning message.


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So what you’re saying is that if an event happens, simply having a player run the code on the event will change it on all screens? So you can’t really have split screen…


You could have split screen if you just had two characters and two screens per each player


I think having a multiplayer in hopscotch would be really interesting!!


No, because each character’s code would overwrite each other when they are run.


What he says is each player would have their own version of the project, and most variable would be shared.







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