Multiband Club!


Welcome to the Multiband compressor club!

First you might be wondering why it's called the Multiband club.
The reason is because this club covers all coding.

1. Must be able to make a high-quality project in Hopscotch. It will be approved by the leaders.
2. Must not be a troll or a mean person.
3. Must be able to use sin and cos.






Basic (does not meet 1 coding requirement)


Newbie (does not meet both coding requirements, is not in club)


I cannot use sin and cos, proven by my attemp to do something with Rawry's project. It ended up crashing my iPad and everything went everywhere, I had to delete the draft. XD


I'll join as a leader! Do I still have to fill anything out?


Ok then
Sorry rules are rules




Can I teach you sometime after school? Pleasepleasepleeeeeeease? It's fun to explain and look at confused people's faces XD


That's fine!
Is it ok if I watch this topic, though?


I'm in then! :slight_smile:


Ok, it'll be fun to finally understand something. XD


Thank you, but I generally don't work that well in collabs/clubs/stuff.




You need to sorta try to get the hang of how it works, but it's really easy when you get used to it! :slight_smile:


You're a basic
Which means learn stuff


Sounds fun! I'll try my best to not fail epically. XD


Okay! :stuck_out_tongue:


Math is my least favorite subject, but once you learn how mechanics work, it's really easy :smiley:


I'll join! And yes I'll focus on animations. I know a little sin and cos


I remembered sine as being a curvy thingy
(all of the below are in right triangles)
Sine= Opposite over hypotenuse
Cosine= Adjacent over hypotenuse
Tangent= Sine divided by Cosine or Opposite over Adjacent
θ (theta) is an angle and is used as a "reference" for the ratios.

This is trigonometry
And I cannot explain it


Gonna get a link for the progress I have on my latest animation

Here it is!


Theta is the corner name, right?