Multi-part characters ? Possible?



Hi ! I would like to ask if it is possible to have a multi-part character ? Like : Chillana's head ,Star Girl's torso and Robo's legs ? Thank you !


That would be a really cool feature but sadly I don't know if it's possible. I guess in your project you could get a part of a character by covering the rest of their body.

You could hide the rest of them with white squares like this █ (or squares in whatever colour your background is) and then you'd have their body part left behind.

For example if you wanted Chillanna's head, you could get a white square, make it big and move it to cover her body. It would look like this:

And here's what the square looks like (I changed the background colour so you can see):

I'm not sure if it would work for making a character with different parts from different characters (like a character with Chillanna's head, Star Girl's torso and Robo's legs) but it's something you could try :smile:


Thanks ! Maybe I can make t like the shape covers Chillana's torso and legs and then put Robo's torso but put a square over his head and send it to the back of Chillana's head but still above Robo's head .... but , I'll just try it some other time :grinning: but thanks for the cover idea !