Mrs.pac man help


I need help on making mrs.pac man with ideas (I'm not doing a collab sorry) I will most likely do your idea!(p.s. My top priority is the walls and ghosts)


Okay so I think make the ghost move in random movements and if it hits the wall then bounce!


Ok thanks for the help ghosts are my top priority


Yeah how is it going so far?


Could you be more precise in what you want? Also, here is another pad man game, maybe the code could help you! :wink:


Thanks I just need any ideas thanks for telling me about the other project too!


I think she was saying she wants it to be all of her code!


I feel like you should make some cheese in it instead of cherries!


I could add them but there are less cheese but they are more points


yeah and maybe instead of pacman mouse man so you are a mouse that eats cheess with the:cat: For the ghost!


I have a pacman that you can use?


That can help if we don't do the mouse idea! Or.... Um I'm gonna make a poll


You can flip the sideways cat emoji so it looks like it is going left! Also you could set angles so it shows what dirrection it is going!


That's such a good idea!


Wait how do do polls? XD I'm kinda new


@Sugarisyummy do this!
- Text here
Repeat that process how many time you want to
That is a basic poll.

  • Am I cool?
  • Am I great at coding?
  • Am I good at physics?



Here is how you do them

 - option 1
 - option 2
 - option 3


I beat you to it @Huggingfluffybear!


I was typing it when you posted it! Oh shucks!

  • mouse and cat

  • normal idea (s)