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I don’t have a deviantart acc ;-;


I know no one’s gonna bring it up, but it needs to be covered, even if I have no idea what happened

So there was some sort of shipping topic that now looks like it got hit by a few cars?

@photographer123 I don’t know what went down there, but I can tell you you’re not to blame.

@Xman0417 this wasn’t you’re fault, you just wanted to create a simple topic.

@HopscotchRemixer I can tell you that shipping isn’t bullying, it’s innocent (until it’s not coughfanartcough), but it’s not your fault either

@sophia71205 I don’t know what role you played, but you’re definitely not to blame.

No one is to blame

Sorry to bring this up, but someone had to.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this, I’m just trying to make everyone feel better.


I guess.

And about that fan art thing… cough agreed cough cough


thx Rex. :/// idk I still feel terrible about it…but tysm


Wow, you really know nothing about it…because it’s all my fault.


Only 75% of this statement is true. I am the one to blame and also it is


Also @Mr.rex I don’t want to be rude to you because you are one of my frens but plz don’t get involved in stuff that you don’t need to get involved in.


How are you the one to blame? I think Photo’s idea of a long talk might be helpful.


I just felt someone needed to say something

And you aren’t the one to blame.

But it’s not bullying. Bullying means to harm someone, whether it’s verbal or physical, and shipping isn’t hurting anyone, it’s a simple statement saying “it would be funny if they were ‘in a relationship’ but they (probably) aren’t,” it isnt hurting you, it doesn’t mean your being “matchmade,” or forced into a relationship in any way, it just means someone has a sense of humor, and you can ignore ships all you want. Plus the ships probably have to do with OCs, not real people.

Now no flamewar plz :no_entry_sign::fire:


u dont need one


Happy cakeday!



I didn’t even realize at first lol




Ughhhhhhhh @RexFrens heeeeelllllppp I’m sssoooooooo boooooooooorreed falls over




@Xman0417 are you talking about me in this post?

And yes, I do still check back.


Nope. Hitokage.


Wait she came back??

Anyway I just realized there is a thriving CS community on FC. Biggest coincidence ever. Wait actually… Do you have FrameCast


Nope. She came back like 10 weeks ago and then left like 7 weeks ago.