Mr.rex's GT (It's here)



wat is Fanlsa boi


Fango and Lisa idk

Dyou see the cephiroth thing


@Mr.rex Eh, your post is still under construction…


Cuz I’m too lazy to ever finish it


yes i cant get in tho.
wat the password again? im not spelling it right i think


Try cephilopod or cephilopods

I think i spelled it wrong


Heyy guys I got my teeth worked on today.

Half of my face was numb for an hour and the eating restrictions suck.

Also I has slime

@RexFrens anyways how are you guys today


That’s very fun.

I’m okay.


I’m so not funny

So @RexFrens how are you doin

I didn’t think this GT could get even more dead


Ehh…, none can be as dead as mine.
Or me on the inside.


I’m doing good
my GT is ded too


Guys hELp!

How do you move a layer in FC?



Ughhhh I can’t edit the title anymore.

I was just about to add (Infinite the edgehog) to it.

@RexFrens hello


OOF. Lol. What do you want to change the title to?


I told him you. Mr.rex’s GT (Infinite the edgehog)


Hey has anyone seen the new SU episodes? @RexFrens?

So we have

Down with de-wey

Depressed Steven

Depressed peridot

The kindergarten can’t be a garden

Underfell Sadie

Kevin is defeated once again




@SmileyAlyssa just ignore my old posts lol




ooo art