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Hello. I know I made a general topic, but this is different, that was for Q&A and info, this is a home base with fun stuff and more.

First of all, if visit and look in the code. Be patient with the grumpy rainbow block man and you will get a follow!

Poll: ideas for projects

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  • Update of project
  • Book
  • Drawing
  • Illusion


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My website:

My mission log:

My latest game:

Now, shoutouts!




Request lines in the RP, put your line in the comments

@Mr.rex: hey! (Notices no one's there) um... Hello?

Poll: what should I put on my home base next?

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  • "My fav projects" link
  • Giveaways


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Thanks for the shoutout! :D


Your website keeps crashing for me...


Wow, this is one of the most organized General Topics I've ever seen!


It's not a general topic. Those are for Q&A and info, I think. This is for fun stuff.




Ur welcome! I also gave you a shoutout at

(If it crashes, go play it through the app, not the link and it should work)


Hey @BerryFOX, c'mere! This is my home base! Here u can do all kinds of stuff!

Do you like my home base?

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Hey! I just remembered! You're good at drawing, right @BerryFOX?
(Sorry I forgot the word "good")


I guess...

Do you need help with something, @Mr.rex? :D


Check this out:


That's a really cool drawing pad! :D

But why did you ask if I'm good at drawing?


I thought since ur good at drawing you would like it. Also, never know when it could come in handy!



Thank you! :DDD

the battle isn't over, I can still take the lead!


Eh if you don't win I'll probably like your stuff anyway....


Thank you. :)



One second..... I got an idea....


Oh boy >:)

what is it??


It's a surprise.....
But it'll use the power of foxes, I'll tell you that!