🔒 MR.GAM3R's General Failed Topic!


Hey everyone, and welcome to my general topic!! I am writing this at a music concert, and I am bashing my head to the music. My keyboard got messed up somehow while I was typing, and I do not want to re-write my post :,( so anyway, if the wierd text makes any sense to you, that's awesome!!

the messed up post

Gsrh rh gsv glkrx dsviv R droo yv klhgrmt zmmlfmxvnvmgh, dliph rm kiltivhh, hslfglfgh, zmw hgfuu orpv gszg. R droo zhp uli uvvwyzxp zmw svok sviv zh dvoo.

Blf xzm zohl zhp nv jfvhgrlmh sviv, hl yzhrxzoob qfhg z tvmvizo glkrx orpv vevibylwb vohv'h!

Yv mrxv gl veviblmv zg zoo grnvh, ml uoznvh dzih kovzhv, zmw szev ufm!! R szev mlgsrmt nfxs vohv gl hzb, hl gszg rh rg! Hvv blf Slkh hllm!





Shoutout to Mr. Placeholder!


Ok, can I ask questions?


Yes, you can! Fire them on


Ok, why are you called Mr Gamer? As far as I'm concerned you are probably under 18.


See you later too!

(that's a hop btw)
Anyways, what cipher do you like best?
And what's your favorite project from an unknown Hop?


Good question :smiley: well, it's a name I came up of a long time ago (long before HS) as a username. I, well, am a gamer, so yeah, that's where it came from. If you're wondering about the Mr. part, it seems that nowadays the title master is considered old-fashioned, and boys can be called mister, or simply nothing at all.


I would say the Caesarian shift. Lots of different possibilities.

And my favourite project by an unknown Hop? What do you mean by an "unknown" Hop?


Someone not ever Featured, and not on Trending too much!


aka me

Me never been on featured, rising, or trending ;-;


…yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm sorry, but I don't have a favourite :frowning: i like a lot of projects


Anyone else having trouble loading Hopscotch? It says that I am not connected to the internet, but how can I not be if I am posting this on the forums?


So I have finally learnt how to make pixel art, and made this simple one. Hope you guys like it, if you have any feedback please post it below. More pixel arts coming soon :smiley:



I am 7 days (1 week away) from getting regular (I think!!) Not that regular is anything that great, just thought it is pretty cool and exciting :slight_smile:


Check out my new (well, a week old lol) project, Siri!



I'm sooo sorry for the constant tags lol. Can someone please close this tho?