MR.C0D3RS smart things

Hello Welkom to my topic! Here u will learn a FEW thing about some code

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Hello! Is this going to be like an academy?

If so, it might be better in the #ha category

Also, what code will you be teaching?

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Well idk i tell u some cool stuff

Like cosine,

And sine also inverse sine

But u can leave if u know all this stuff

If u have questions about some math blocks ask me!

Technically, this could all go in the Math topic- But a cool idea nonetheless!

Sounds really cool, but if you’re just teaching math, the nerdy math topic would be a better place for it :))

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Yea this is a math topic

Well ok this is my first topic

I t e a c h

I poked you in the official math topic jsyk :slight_smile:

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@Willowmoon kool

So anyways

Ask me questions if ur curios