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Now time to make annoying traders

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Ok, I just decided to make it be just an annoying feature, since I don’t have any items planned out

Though it’s still annoying

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Time for a title screen

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Never mind that didn’t work

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Does anyone know how to make that thing that some Angry Birds games use like this:


The dots, BTW

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The dots??/

Yes, the dots

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What are you talking about

Idk ask someone else

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So my profile picture isn’t moving…

does this help?

profile picture gifs were removed by discourse

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Oh, ok

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Now I’m working on a game where you have to:

  1. Hide
  2. Run from the catcher (the villain)
  3. Try to get away
  4. A.I for other hiders and the catcher
  5. (Insert your idea here)