MP Project & Draft Thingy


Post screenshots as well as describtions of your projects and I'll comment on what I think is good with them!

You got like 45 minutes... Maybe


You won't like this. But here it is. There are no instructions. Tap the screen.




Idk it's by most successful...

Dino Sprint

Run from Dino.
Swipe up and down from the black square to jump/duck the various obstacles, collect money and shields and clouds...

Instructions at the top anyway, just tap them to remove.


I like the idea, But the look of it isn't great... Otherwise it's solid


You won't like it but :


Description: Funny scenarios made by the funniest person


To be honest... That is way better than I expected from MP. Thanks! I try to make it better.


Seems kinda like a basic random quote generator made to get remixes... But You should develop it more! Change the plain white background, make special text reveals, etc.

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It was actually an idea from some other things on the web. Thanks for feedback!


Again, It's not much the game, but the look of it. Try to develop artistically


Good advice.

I have tried, more recently, to go more with looks.
It did seem to work :sunglasses:


when you realize all your projects are so cringe
I'd like some feedback but all my projects are to cringe, oh well.
Also I'm just a cringey person bye


Also i planed on making the dino run game that runs when you don't have internet on chrome.. You should try doing that. Same mechanics, way more familiar to people and better looking,d.bGg&psig=AFQjCNHdkx1niZL_YWIGxni8xHYAoEPFEw&ust=1482182352269150


Do you any other coding now that you don't have Hopscotch?


Is this to me?

If so, what do you mean by \/ ?


Can I show you a draft I'm making






Yeah, you know the black and white dinosaur thingy that you can play if you don't have internet connection?