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Hello Everyone,

I am making a quiz for a Physics project, and I have everything nailed down, it's just that I have no idea how to make a new page. Like say, there's a button that says "next question" how would I code it so that when I tap it it goes to the next question or a new page?

If making a new page doesn't exist yet, Hopscotch you need to implement It immediately.


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Sounds fun! You can check out the Hopscotch team's YouTube tutorial for making a quiz here. It uses an older version of Hopscotch, but the code is the exact same thing. If it's blocked for some reason just tell me and I'll explain how to do the question page code. :smile:

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Thanks! I look forward to making some great projects on here.


Hey thanks a lot! The quiz format on the video isn't very similar to mine, but I don't mind restarting my project.


Oh, I'm sorry, I think I might have misinterpreted your question, @Stalixir! The code in quiz projects is slightly different if you want a "next question" button than it would be to move onto the next question immediately after you clicked the answer (the quiz explains how to do it immediately after your answer is tapped, not when you click a "next question" button). If you want I can explain how to do it the way your project is currently made, so you don't have to make a new one.


Inty (Intellection74) will probably help more than I can in this case....

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Depending on your question, there are three ways. You can use the set text block and values or you can use when object is tapped when blocks and set invis and different objects for questions. Or a similar thing that you would have to use if you don't have the new-ish when block update.


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