Moving Profile picture



How do you add a moving profile picture to your account? Also does anyone have ideas for some?

Help me with this!

Same way as a normal profile picture.


There called GIFS! They look like this:

If you search up gifs they'll come up, then you go to your profile by clicking on the icon in the right corner, clicking on your name in the left of the pop up box, clicking summary and going to preferences, then click edit profile picture!


You said if you search up gifts. Though he'll know what you meant :slight_smile:


Hey @Hamburger!

To set a gif to your profile picture, save one to your camera roll just as you'd save a normal picture, and upload it as your profile picture the same way! :D

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Thanks for the help everybody


I can make some that are just a few images. Like my old profile picture


No problem :DDDDDDD


I saved it to my camera roll but it's not moving?


They don't move In camera roll I don't think.


Ok thanks @Themasterofairjitzu


No problem. I love helping people. :D


You changed it :D