Moving logo request!



Hey guys I decided to make moving logos for anyone all you need is to ask for one here is a link to mine that I just made!
Just put your username and boom I can do it! If you want a certain thing on it just let me know! Bye from the fluffy bear!

I try to do it fast for your best service!


People who may want logos!

@system! :stuck_out_tongue:


crickets chirp......


I'm fine with any logo! P.S the emoji I call sugar is this one:rice:


Okay great what is your hopscotch username!


Sugarcodes!(filling space)


Alright I will work on it!


Thanks!(filling space)


Nice logo huggingfluffybear ! I like it!


Can you make my friend a logo? Her username is Bellieboo :cat:, she likes blue, and LOVES CATS! Thanks!


Sorry @Timelord007 and @Dude73 and @Sugarisyummy I had put go in are hall so I was not hurt from the storm!




@Sugarisyummy what is your favorite hopscotch charecter?


So @Sugarisyummy? What's your favorite charecter in hopscptch!


That's ok! You need to be safe.


Yes I will go head and do yours! So what's your favorite hopspctch charecter?


This one is for my friend, and I am just going to guess chillana. Thank you!


Oalright and no problem!


It's almost done! Thanks for your patience!


Chillana(filling spacecccc)