Moving Char Tapper Help



This isn't your normal tapper. This tapper includes moving characters for taps per sec and premium 'daily (3 mins)' reward money that you can use for more gold or for a premium currency mine.

What I need help with is coding, and moving characters aren't hard, but there's a glitch in the game I can't figure out which is when I tap the buy sign for 2 characters that are supposed to move, they don't work but when I use premium currency to buy money, it suddenly works.

Any suggestions..?


So like

When ___ is tapped

Repeat forever

Change whatever by whatever?



(When (Dark Spearman) is tapped)
Check Once if $ > 149
Increase Value $ by -150
Increase Value Dark$ by 2

For moving char:
(When (Dark Spearman) is tapped)
Check Once if $ > 149
Repeat Forever
Set Invisibility to 0
Move Foward by -300
Increase Value $ by Dark$
Move Foward by 300


So the characters is moving?

I think instead you should do this:
Move forward ___
When object bumps :iphone: Edge

Set position (starting place)


If I do that, each time I click the buy button and have enough money, it'll set position again.
Plus, I'm worried about how I have to use premium currency in order to use the moving characters.
I've checked the entire coding and nothing says it needs premium currency to use them...


Give me a second to think about this...

Do you have a link?


It's not published... I'm afraid to publish something half done because someonr might take the idea ;=;