Movies, Music, and More


Hello, today, hi ham hwiting habout hmovies.
And Collabs. And music, and flags.
So, I want to collab. With you! (I'm speaking generally) I need great coders for this project. And also beginners. And newbs. And other people who would be interested in Hopscotchifying...

  1. Pop music

  2. Classical music

  3. Rock and alternative music

  4. A movie, or make an original movie

  5. A TV episode

  6. A musical or an original musical.
    I know some hopscotchers who would do great, and some who are new and welcome!
    P.S., this would be coded in between the forum and the organizers (me and the people who gain the trust level) would combine the code.




Hai @LemonPop9! c:
This is so cool! c:


Oh my stars I want in. I'd produce a musical or TV show


My iPad autocorrected to Thanksgiving!


No prob! c:
lolz c:
sorry for da late reply! c: