Moveable Coded Drawings?


To Valgo (or anyone else that knows)
Could you explain how you made the coded trail move? I'm so confused by the code!


Me 2!


We shall never know...

Well maybe idk


You make an object constantly set position (put two) in a Leave a Trail block and this works with clones if you use values unique to every clone (size, invisibility, etc.) or you just use different objects, then you make another object constantly leave a huge trail moving forward 1, then -1.


Could you take a picture of the code? I'm still confuzzled


Ok, so like in the Angry Bird video. The trail between your finger and the sling shot. So this should be the code:

when play button is tapped
{repeat for ever;
{leave a trail color () width ();
set position to where you want it to move to, ex. Your finger
set trail color to (white)
set position to another object or something


What do you want to make? I can help.


Also, if you want me to see this more easily, tage me by typing @Valgo.


How do you make movable drawings??
I really want to know!


Go to my profile and their is a sorta semi project that has movable drawing. K @crazygoat?


I have a Mr. Stretch project in my drafts with code:

You have to include values if you use clones.


Well i was wondering if you knew how to make a coded trail able to move by last touch. (Maybe you could give an example of moving straight line) thanks so much! @Valgo