Move Foward Bug/Glitch


I have found a bug while making another project. Here is the form:

Your username: PupCow2016

What kind of device are you using?: Uhh... Apple? IDK

1 sentence description of the problem : I was trying to make Sloth move forward when a certain value hit 1, When instead of moving about 20, he went all the across the screen.

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Get a character and make a value
2. Make a rule " When ____ = _____ " That character moves forward.

I expected this to happen: Sloth would move at least to half of the screen.

But instead this happened: Sloth moved all the way across the screen. :grin:

Here’s some sweet screenshots:

If you look closely at the edge of the screen, you will see sloth.


That's because it continuously happens when that value equals that number. When the rule is done, it checks if it still equals the number, and it does, so it runs again. Put a set value to zero at the end of the rule to fix it. (This is why the 7=7 if works)


What @CreativeCoder said XD. I took so long reading it, that I couldn't answer it. :smiley:


Thanks for telling me that, @CreativeCoder. What does the "When 7=7" rule do? I have never knew. :thinking:


It's the same as repeat forever.


Alright! Thanks!