Motivation to code!


Hey guys!
This topic really relates to my current life.
It has been becoming harder and harder to find the motivation (and time) to code!

I used to love coding, and put all of my heart and soul into it. I still remember the day when I first sat on the couch, opened up an app called Hopscotch my dad forced me to open up, and made my very first game. (To check out that very first game, head over to my first account on hs: Swati. Be prepared for ultimate cringing)

Does anyone want to share tips for keeping that motivation, and some of your own personal stories? This is just meant to be a super casual, on-going topic. I will occasionally edit this in and update it with some more talking points and more stuff!!

Here is just a little layout form for you guys to format your answers on this topic. You totally do NOT have to use this, I just thought it may be helpful for some of you.

HS Username and Forum Username (if they are different)

Where you code (HS or Not)

Personal Story/Thoughts

Thank you for reading! Also, a huge thank you in advance to everyone who is commenting and being active!!!


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Ummmm my motives was that my school system was going to delete HS and I needed to get a game out ASAP


I typically find a way to do coding for every big project in school


I like to code about my current obsessions.
It only works every so often though, I need to be in the right mood. It’s like having art block, but almost all the time!

Yeah…I need this topic really badly!


Yeah, this seems like good advice, the problem I generally have with coding what your obsessions are is that if you lose interest in the thing you were basing your code off of you will lose interest in what’s you are making too


But anyways this is a great topic!


I’ve got the same username here and on Hopscotch.

I code in Hopscotch as well as with C# in Unity and occasionally just good old fasioned Microsoft Visual Studio.

I absolutely love coding. One of the main reasons why I love Hopscotch is because it’s easy to code things, it’s almost like pseudocode, which is nice to help learn how to do things that I can’t figure out with normal code. Like making a perfect circle with sine and cosine. Who knew??

Hopscotch was what really got the ball rolling with me coding. The ball existed due to me playing online video games so early on in my life, as the community was awesome and I spent a lot of time on it. They were my inspiration. Now I can code myself, however due to the lack of classes for coding at school I had to resort to an old textbook and several websites to get where I’m at now.

Now I’m still using Hopscotch because it’s quick and easy to make stuff, and it’s in my iPad. There’s no real good coding apps, especially for C# that don’t cost anything for iPads. I’m tempted to just code my own compiler but I don’t have a Mac to make the iPad app on :frowning:

Hehe this was long. I just love coding :stuck_out_tongue:


Same. I love coding as well. My parents got this bui;d-your-own-computer thingie and it has just about EVERY SINGLE CODING LANGUAGE. Its AWESOME!


A tip I have learned is just don’t think about it. When you add coding to your to-do list, it becomes the last thing you do, and sometimes you just don’t even get to it.

Without even thinking, just head on Hopscotch and code something.

Another thing that may help some of you is creating a list of coding projects that are super cool and really interesting. That may draw you in to sort of do some trial-error with blocks and really motivate you to spend more time on your coding.

And, sort of like @Panthera inferred, you can add to your coding collection. Purchase coding products, maybe get the subscription package thingy on hs, or whatever sort of motivates you to try stuff out and be a little more productive with your coding!

Any more tips??

Great answers, everyone!

Please share this with topic with friends and other fellow forumers that need a little inspo!


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Hey guys!
Here is just a little addition to this topic some of you may enjoy reading! Some of the replies to this topic have really beneficial ideas about motivation!! I suggest you read them!


I want to bump this topic real quick because I feel like it is becoming very relevant now.
More and more people are quitting Hopscotch, and many people are telling me it is because of coding!

I just wanted to know one thing: Why? Why are you losing motivation?
This is not a rhetorical question, I honestly would like to know! Please reply! I completely understand, because truly even I am kind of losing my motivation to code!

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There was really no good inspiration on hopscotch.


Rhetorical not theoretical.


Oh, thank you! I fixed it!


Thank you lol


Hi everyone.
I am starting a Mentors Coding Challenge to help promote positivity and motivation to code on hopscotch. This is a 2-part challenge and was inspired by the popular television show The Voice. All of the information and details you need are in the link I am about to share with you.

Please join in, and tell your friends! I want to get as many people as possible. The challenge is going to be super fun and a great learning experience. Something else I would like you to do is when you see a new user topic, please let them know about this. I want to get a ton of new forum users and even coders, just to show them how truly great the hs community is!

It is also a great chance for you to meet and get to know some of your fellow forumers. I feel like sometimes we all don’t interact with one another enough. Of course, we have our friends and people we automatically go to for advice/help, but we don’t really step out of that circle. In this challenge, you will be randomly paired with a group of people, which gives you an awesome chance to really step out of that circle, which I think is so awesome!



i dont have ideas related to coding.

between art, writing, coding, and the subtle art of tumblr s*** posting its hard to be focused on one without the others falling out of practice