Mothers Day Contest! [PEOPLE NEEDED]



Hello, as you know mothers day is coming up on Sunday and I thought we could do a challenge..
The challenge is to make a project of why you love your mom and you could even code something you know she will like, like maybe a heart? The contest ends at June 1st because I don't think anyone can code a project in 2 days!
I need 3 judges to help me the prizes will be according to your score thingy? Once you are done post it here
1st prize is a follow from all judges, plus likes on all projects, and a free project
2nd will be likes on some projects and follows from all judges
3rd you will just get a follow from all judges

Judges: @HannaBanana @Sweetlina @RubyWolf1 @Houseelf87 @Silverdolphin [FULL]
Competitors: @KayKat @sophia71205 @Explorer_ @Dolphin_coders
Also please don't flag I check and there were no simular topics I'm sorry if there was and I missed it


Ahhhh dang it i forgot


I'll be a judge. User name: HannaBanana​:banana:


Ok, I'll participate, but is it okay if I just make a Mother's Day project, not necessarily one about why I love my mom? If I can't do that then I don't want to participate.


Sure you can!


I feel like i need this..
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I will participate, but my mom will not see it.


Ok! Here's my project!


I'll compete!!


Okay all of you guys are added btw all we need is two more judges


I will be a judge mate


I started my project for Mother's Day a day or so ago. I don't think it's gonna win XD


Can I be a judge?


Can I be judging? Pls


I would looove to be a judge but I don't think I will get the job as I never get chosen...


Olay judges are full all we need is competitors


Hi @Kosho I'm not quite finished my project can I publish it tomorrow?? (Well at least tomorrow in my country)


It is due June 1st, but you can post it early if you want :3


Oops I thought it was due on Mother's Day XD (anyways I'll need to publish it tomorrow XD)


Yeah I was, but I thought it wouldn't be enough time