Mostly uselsss math operator I made

I added a math operator (in the first bubble of the when in this project) that rounds something down. (It does the same thing as round(input -0.5)). It always rounds down so negative one becomes negative two etc. and if the number is zero it becomes negative one, but it was mostly to prove that this is possible. There’s probably a better way to do it.

Web player file:
Replace the existing webplayer.min.js file in the webplayer folder of Hopscotch with this.

@yusamac205 look I coded something are you proud of me


You know, that’s a useless useful feature. I’m super mad at you for tagging me proud of you.


This is not useless! I could see this as an actual math function in Hopscotch or at least a part of the round function. Thank you for sharing this! :clap: