Most rules ever on one character?


You must be wondering what is up with this topic, and what I'm getting at. I'm talking about inside hopscotch, when you're adding those rules that might sometimes be a single block, but you need to add 30 of them. Well, what is the most rules on one character ever? This is mainly a question for the @admins, because they might be able to find out. I think we might be able to find out what it is with the people that currently code right now. What is your top amount of rules on a character? Once I finish making them, my top amount will be................55. I'm currently on rule #29.
What about you? @admins, can you find any info on this topic? What was the character with the most useful rules ever made? (I've seen those projects with a useless rule using "Repeat Forever"s that is supposed to crash you. There might be someone who a zillion of those rules just to make someone crash their IPad. (Wouldn't be too surprised if it was one of MagmaPOP's)


I'm making a project where I need a lot of abilities and code. It seems to be handling it fine, it's a pixel art, but on my draw pad it's a glitch mania!


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We supposed to talk 'bout amounts of rules by you must have dose rules know what I mean bro? Yo?


I figured out the Limet is 12!


Wow. And it's not helpful that some hacker deleted about 17 of my 29 rules.....

Don't worry. The hacker is taken care of.


That's good what are you making?


@Huggingfluffybear it starts with the letters "ma"


Hmm is it in the App Store?!


@Huggingfluffybear well it's not based off anything in the App Store


It's a maze I think!


You'll have to find out hue hue hue


Why we talk 'bout ma things yo?

Lol we post at same time yo


Yep I guess so! Tell me when it's done!