Most plays you've ever gotten?



Now is the time to talk about most plays you have ever gotten!


159752 plays!


Mine is about 400 plays


59 for me... yeah... but on scratch my first (and most played? how?) project has 317 plays, most of my scratch ones range from 5 to 60, with very few getting past the 100 mark


104 for me, and that was on an impossible quiz type game.


158,980 O_O nuuuuu @AHappyCoder why must u beat me with plays??? nuuuuuuuuuuuuu XD



Mine is 63,000 plays


how doesn't anyone get that many plays! I didn't even know the community was that large!


Idk, sometimes people can play the project multiple times.
I got that many plays on my Meme Template


1500 plays lol ;-; beginner


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Oh :flushed: I guess I'm a beginner


I feel like saying how many plays/likes you have can make people feel bad. I've personally lost track and don't really care. It doesn't matter how many likes/plays you get.


Maybe 20. I've gotten over 100 on two projects, but that was me spammin g the back button and then pressing on the project again.


I agree with @Kiwicute2015, this isn't really a competition. We don't need stats about how "good" you are. Coding is about learning from yourself and others, not competing with them.


How do plays make anyone feel good though?




Over 200 playes!


Mine Is 59686. I'm Pro.


I'm really sorry for reviving topics, but can we just look at this for a minute?