Most of game not showing



This is what the game looks like on my iPad 3 with the second latest iOS installed. @t1_hopscotch do you know why this is?


Hi @Stradyvarious that's strange, does it still look like that when you try entering the project again?

Sometimes I've had projects freeze a little and drawings not working when I go onto another app while I've got the project open, and then come back onto Hopscotch.


i've tried a few times now to play and i can tap the alligator and it gets smaller/bigger and messages scroll along bottom but thats it.


Hmm does it happen to other random projects that you play too?

If it's happening to quite a few, maybe try closing Hopscotch and doing a little reset of your iPad (hold the Home and On/Off button for around 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears and then wait a bit). If it still happens after that, I think you should email Hopscotch and tell them in more detail if you can.


i've tried at different times today now and same result happens.
Only on this project has this happened so i wont bother reporting it.


It does the same thing on my iPad so I had to chance the tekst color, to even see what I was doing. It was really annoying because the game looked great in featured.


so is the text color the only problem?


It does seem like it's affecting certain devices or devices with something in common then. The game displayed normally on my device (iPad Air 2 and iOS 9.1)


Will I havent installed IOS 9.1 so that could be the problem...


i read the latest ios 9.1 lowers the performance on an ipad-1-2-3-mini.
I'm not going to install any more ios updates on my ipad 3


Works fine for me, I'm in 9.1, but I have an Air 2.