Most Likes You've Ever Gotten?


Guys, since I can't stand my mind telling me to ask this question, what was the most likes you've ever gotten in a project? Mine was probably 13.

Most plays you've ever gotten?

5130! That's a LOT :@


Mine is in the 200s.


Wow you're so lucky, I didn't even reach 20


Don't wottry @friendship2468. You'll get there eventually


my biggest amount of likes was about 400 something on my google search project.


I raised it to 14! You have some pretty cool projects!


Thank you. At least someone pays attention to my stuff you're so nice!


The only reason I got 200 likes was because the hopscotch team noticed it and put it on featured. Before that it was only on 8


about 800 is my top I think..
edit: on my old account it was 1568+
my new account is 820 now


Mine is 8, but the good thing is, is that it was my project I made warning people of the Hacker that was running around in people's collabs. So, I guess that's......good. HOW DP YOU GET 13?!? Lol


Mine is 632..... Probably got that many because it was on featured


I really like your bubble tapper!🤗


400+ on my project "Mail It". Because it got featured :slightly_smiling:


The most I got was 26 likes, which also has 93 plays, on "Luna Lovegood's Patronus". I don't really care if it gets more or not, because many featured and trending Hopscotchers, some in Game Changers, that I follow, though some not, liked it.


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Five hundred and something I think...I don't know XD


Mine is... Ten :cry: , looks like I shpuld keep hopscotching AND i'll get there in the end...


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Around 700 or so... 2020202020