Most Important Part of a Project



What do you think is the most important part of a Hopscotch project? That is has/is...
- Fun
- Effort
- Inspiring
- Creative
- New

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I think that the creativity and effort put into a project matter the most. All of the others are great too, but it sometimes gets repetitive when you see dozens of the same thing.


I think Creativity is the most important


I think persevere, creativity, and effort is the most important part of a hard-working project. As you may see on most projects in Featured or Trending, they include many complex codes that required big effort and persevere! Many people get inspired by a project and they create one huge project that gets so much likes! New, awesome projects can be very inspiring and new projects with new ideas can be lots of fun such as @t1_hopscotch's 2048.


I think the most important part is the creative, inspiring and fun part!

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