Most annoying wait glitch i can't take anymore!



Ok. Before I say ANYTHING...... Look at this code, and think of what it will do.

Guess what it does?!? Pops up for like a second then disappears!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LEAVE A TRAIL NOT WORKING. I JUST WANT THIS TEXT TO JUST OBEY THE "WAIT" BLOCK!!!! IT'S BEEN HAPPENING SO MUCH AND I'VE BEEN DEALING WITH IT BUT I'M DONE WITH THIS HORRIBLE, ANNOYING GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: I'm really sorry about the "!"s and the caps. I'm just soooooo done with this suuuuupppeeerrr annoying glitch. I can't keep my rage in.


I don't like that language on the forums but this has happened to me and I do not know why but you can email the Hopscotch about it.


I think the code itself should be working fine as I tried it on a test project and it did what I told it to. The Leave a Trail block should work if you wait after 100000 milliseconds (or 100 seconds/1 min 40 seconds).

The object disappearing after a second is probably due to another rule you have for the object. Do you have any rule that starts with When (value) = __ and Set Invisibility to 100 for that object?

If you only want that rule to happen once, add a "Repeat Forever & Wait" underneath all the other code (like for other code I've told you :smile:). Otherwise it will keep running that code and being invisible each time you trigger that When.


@t1_hopscotch oh ugh values and hopscotch code can be soooo annoying. :frowning:


@t1_hopscotch wait!!! That's not the problem!!!

See!!! The last one is the one that wasn't working!!! So... It must be a glitch, right?


Restart your hopscotch, and it should work again. There is also a glitch where if you cursor is not there and you type, it will set itself to the default milliseconds. Hope this helps! :smile:


@Hoppertoscotch I did think this over and remembered the When could also be with another When (not just When (value) = ___).

So it might also be one of those "When __ bumps ___" or "When __ is tapped". If those Whens are still being triggered and they have "Set Invisibility to 100", the object will still disappear.

If you only want each of those Whens to happen once, add a Repear Forever + Wait at the bottom of each rule. Thanks for sharing the screenshot by the way :smiley:


Ohhhh yeah!!! I forgot about that. I still din't get how it continuously does something with bumps. Wouldn't that be touching?


I think the reason she said that is because "freaking" is censored or something


:hushed: Oh yes that's right! I had forgotten about that, that's a very good point :smiley: That rule only should be triggered when something is first bumped, not continuously touching.