MORTAL KOMBAT! (Dun dun dun dun DAH DAH)


HEY EVERYONE DERP... hold on gotta clean out these cobwebs, they're everywhere!
Sorry everyone, I'm back! Anyway, let's get straight to the point.
I am making mortal kombat. Without any gory effects, of course.
I've so far gotten most of the music down, and I am also going to be doing the coding for the actual game, too.
The only thing I really need help with is the backgrounds. (I'm terrible at drawing in hopscotch)

P.s. If you don't know what the mortal kombat theme song is, it sounds kinda like this.


I thought it said Mortal Wombat. :laughing:



Derrrrrrrrrrrp filling in spaaaaaaace


I'm guessing no one cares.
That makes sense.


A tip:
Put text like this <random text here>.
It's a way to go around the 20 characters rule :D


Thanks for the tip


Okay, great.
It will take a bit of time, however. I am only partially done the music.


Sorry, but as far as I know all projects on HS have to be appropriate. Mortal Wombat is an INAPPROPRIATE game. So I would not recommend making it.


Didn't you read that one sentence in what I wrote?

"Without any gory effects of course."
See for yourself.


In fact I'm starting to wonder if you even READ the topic because I'm also not making "Mortal Wombat".


Yes, okay, okay. Calm down. It was a typo okay?