Morphing Background!😱


I just made this project.

I think it's SUPER cool. It actually morphs... I can't really explain it.

With the same exact code, and no random blocks, it changes the colors of blocks in a crazy way.

You really have to see it.

Anyone else think this is cool?


A very, very cool background. How did you make that?


Really, I was just messing around with the colors of the blocks in my green background, and I stumbled upon it! I feel like @oio would like this...


Eventually, the entire screen keeps switching between 2 colors, but only in specific times that you open the project.


Here's some of the patterns the background has made:


I would love to say it's great but it glitches on my iPad :cold_sweat:


Yeah, that's the weird thing! I'm trying to sort through it.:wink:


LOL same...
play it on web player on a computer


I do.

This has that "ghost in the machine" quality that i love to see.


That's soooooooooo cool!!!


i love this!!! its so cool!!