Morpher How-To!



So I recently made a game called Morpher. I honestly think I made it pretty decent and I suggest checking it out:
But I will show how to make a simple version (just basics and gravity). Please note that some of the code is different from the original.

Step 1

Add an emoji like :grinning: or :open_mouth: or even :grapes: (no picture needed).

Step 2

Add the following code:

(add a new value called "Stop")

Step 3

Add a triangle. This will be the spike. So add the following code:

(color of the spike doesn't matter)
EDIT: Put a Set Invisibility to 100 before the "Repeat Forever."

Step 4

Add the following code to the character:

Step 5

Add a text and make the text the following:

then add the following code:

Step 6

Add the following code to the character:

Now your game will work nice and fresh!


First post! Can't wait to see it, bet you've worked hard.


First post? What do you mean?


For those who don't like looking at tutorials, here is the template following the above steps:


I've gotta say, Morpher is epic! A revamped version of Lightrail?! Heck yeah! :smiley: @admins!!!


Try doing it for individual people.


Nah! :yum:


Can I help you? @admins


Also, haven't you already seen it?


Anyone here?


Yes and yes! :smile:


Off-topic, but isn't HS down right now?


It's down for me as well.. I was just about to ask you that


Okay are any @admins here just wondering
I don't have anything else to say about Morpher except how to make the complex version


So any feedback on Morpher guys?


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I have 1 emoji to describe this game:



Dunno what you mean (especially the below part lel)


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Anyone else?