Morpher How-To!

So I recently made a game called Morpher. I honestly think I made it pretty decent and I suggest checking it out:

But I will show how to make a simple version (just basics and gravity). Please note that some of the code is different from the original.

Step 1

Add an emoji like :grinning: or :open_mouth: or even :grapes: (no picture needed).

Step 2

Add the following code:

(add a new value called “Stop”)

Step 3

Add a triangle. This will be the spike. So add the following code:

(color of the spike doesn’t matter)
EDIT: Put a Set Invisibility to 100 before the “Repeat Forever.”

Step 4

Add the following code to the character:

Step 5

Add a text and make the text the following:

then add the following code:

Step 6

Add the following code to the character:

Now your game will work nice and fresh!


First post! Can’t wait to see it, bet you’ve worked hard.

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First post? What do you mean?

For those who don’t like looking at tutorials, here is the template following the above steps:

I’ve gotta say, Morpher is epic! A revamped version of Lightrail?! Heck yeah! :smiley: @admins!!!

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Try doing it for individual people.

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Nah! :yum:

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Can I help you? @admins

Also, haven’t you already seen it?

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Anyone here?

Yes and yes! :smile:

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Off-topic, but isn’t HS down right now?


It’s down for me as well… I was just about to ask you that


Okay are any @admins here just wondering
I don’t have anything else to say about Morpher except how to make the complex version

So any feedback on Morpher guys?

For a strange reason, the replies disappeared for a second

I have 1 emoji to describe this game:


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Dunno what you mean (especially the below part lel)

Lol, I just typed randomly for the 2020 rule :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Anyone else?<sorry if I’m bothering people>