More, yes, more suggestions for Hopscotch



Check out my other topic about the 'Block Button' and 'Sort by..'

'New From People You Follow'

A place in Hopscotch where you can find the most recent projects from people you're following.

'New From Followers' can pop up every time you log into Hopscotch, instead of the featured projects. It would be a very useful feature for people who don't wanna browse through EACH AND EVERY person they're following to find their most recent projects.

'Suggested for you..'

If you use YouTube, the 'suggested for you' thing is really familiar.
What if it was in Hopscotch?
Well, to make this feature work, Hopscotch could see what projects you're playing, and suggest projects similar to the ones you're playing the most. Maybe.. they could even suggest HOPSCOTCHERS! This feature would actually help some people get popular :slight_smile:


If you use a computer, these 3 words, copy, cut, and paste.. are familiar to you.
What if we could copy/cut/paste blocks in the editor? It would be a great alternative to values, and good for people who are repeating code that can't be done in values.

Do you have any thoughts about my ideas, or any suggestions that I should've put?

Just tell me, and maybe, if you have an idea, I'll put it in my next Suggestions thread! :wink:

😎😎😎 official Hopscotch update ideas topic 😎😎😎

There are many different topics about this, just make sure to search before you post next time. :smile:

Those are really cool ideas though! :smile::+1:


How do you get the 'LGBTQ+ are people too' thing?


One little thing..
Why is the gimp sign there :stuck_out_tongue:


Kiwi was doing them for the day of silence, but she isn't doing them anymore. :smile:

Sorry for late reply, I was at school.


These are cool ideas! Great thinking!

Except, for the first one, we already have that. In the following tab.